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Recent years have witnessed the fast developments of immersive and interactive multimedia, including multiview/stereo 3D, panorama, light field, point cloud, mesh, etc. The typical application scenarios usually involve human observation or machine judgement to provide better visual experience or machine vision performances. Due to the unique differences of these emerging visual signals, the perception rules and characteristics in diverse specific applications require further investigations to more accurately model and improve the perception quality and utilities. Therefore, researchers have become interested to construct high quality databases and develop quality evaluation metrics, as well as devise efficient compression and enhancement methods for quality improvements. Additionally, the international standardization organizations (e.g., MPEG and JPEG, etc.) have also recently invested many efforts to develop effective solutions for better applications of these new immersive and interactive visual media data. Besides, the well-devised software and hardware implementations for communication and processing systems, as well as the applications of these technologies for better perception utilities are also urgently demanded.

This workshop is intended to provide a forum for researchers and engineers to present their latest innovations and share their experiences on all aspects of algorithms and system implementations for multidimensional perception modeling and optimization in the communication and processing of new immersive and interactive multimedia, as well as the advancements in the standardization activities. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:
  • Datasets and benchmark for immersive and interactive multimedia perception
  • Quality assessment modeling for human and machine perception
  • Just noticeable difference and Just recognizable distortion modeling
  • Visual saliency detection and machine attention mechanism modeling
  • Immersive and interactive multimedia compression for human visual experience
  • Immersive and interactive multimedia compression for machine vision perception
  • Perception-inspired immersive and interactive multimedia enhancement (including denoising, super-resolution, completion, etc.)
  • Perception-inspired multimedia coding tools and optimization in standards
  • Applications and software/hardware system implementations for communication and processing
Important dates:
  • Paper submission deadline: 23 March, 2023 11:59PM UTC-0 (24 March, 2022, 08:29AM GMT+8)
  • Paper notification: 16 April, 2023 11:59PM UTC-0
  • Paper camera-ready: 23 April, 2023 11:59PM UTC-0

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Fast Track Procedure: Papers rejected by the main conference and demonstrating an acceptable quality can undergo the fast track procedure. Authors will be requested to provide, in addition to the paper, a letter with responses to the reviewers’ comments. Decision could be made by the chairs without additional reviews.